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3 star hotel in satara

Hotel Rajtara witnesses this expansion zeal of the tourist for the past years due to its generosity Quite picturesque atmosphere though not far away from the business center of the town. Therefore Hotel Rajtara is the first foremost choice of the Business class as well as of the oncoming Tourists we have got well furnished with all modern amenities guest rooms. Hotel Rajtara is also conveniently positioned five minutes away from the Bus stand. Comfort, relief, and grandeur are standard at our hotel. All our rooms reflect a sophisticated classical atmosphere and function as a cozy and comfortable retreat.


Checkout out the hotel Rajtara's photo gallery to envision the environment, facilities, and activities available. By taking a look at all the photographs you may be astonished to explore the facilities here in our hotel Rajtara.


We offer a variety of contemporary amenities and services to make your stay is comfortable and memorable. We are the number one preferences of our guests because of the service we provide to them. We maintain our hotel in a way that no guest is disappointed and enjoy their opulent stay at our hotel Rajtara.

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