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Discover Satara

Kaas Plateau Satara

Kaas Plateau

Located within the Satara district of Maharashtra, Kaas plateau (or Kaas Patthar, as it's regionally known) could be a hotspot for variety in India's the Western Ghats. additionally called at the valley of Flowers of Maharashtra, the tiny plateau is thus rich and distinctive in its flora that just about 70th of the flowers of Maharashtra

Kaas lake SATARA

Maharashtra is blessed with many lovely poetry inspiring places, be it lush green mountains, abundant valleys, pristine lakes or happy waterfalls. and therefore the great thing about the Western Ghats enhances several folds throughout the Monsoons! One such marvel is that the Kaas Plateau additionally called the

Vajrai Waterfall SATARA

The scenic falls of Bhambavli Vajrai is one among the renowned traveler attractions within the Satara region. Divided into three different stages, it's India’s highest falls having a huge height of 1800 feet (560 meters). it's settled amidst Sahyadri formation and is twenty-nine kilometers off from Satara town.

Thoseghar Water Fall SATARA

The best a part of our trip to Satara and Kaas was the Thoseghar Falls. The roaring waterfalls contend for the eye of each of your eyes and ears as you stand on the viewing platform watching the opaque streams of water plunging down. On our right were the dual waterfalls, falling into a U-shaped gorge. On our left, one falls was plunging

Sajjangad SATARA

The term Sajjan really means that kind-hearted or a gentle. And if the word GAD is additional which suggests fort. The name of the fort really means that a fort of kind individuals. Sajjangad may be a fort that encompasses a heap of non secular importance than historical importance. This fort was noted by the name of Asvalayana